Celebrate Mothers

When recently going through a box of items of my Mother's, I came across several old cards, notes, and little handmade gifts I had given her many years ago. She had labeled each one with the date and occasion and tucked them away in an envelope labeled with my name. She knew that someday I would get them back.

Everyone has a mother, but it takes more than just a title to earn the privilege of being called Mother. At least that's what I believe. Today is Mother's Day, and I have the fondest memories of my childhood, when I worked so hard to create those perfect cards or make a colorful fan from popsicle sticks; of course, all of the oooh's and ahhh's voiced when Mother opened her gift made the effort worth it. Now, as I think of how important those not-so-perfect handwritten cards and imperfect gifts were to her, I am reminded of how perfect she was. It takes a mother's love to cherish the imperfections of a child's work, but it also takes a special person to be a Mother.

Happy Mother's Day!

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