How Do They Do It?!

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

I often wonder if other potters have a problem juggling all the necessary processes of making and selling their wares. It seems that maybe I'm just fortunate enough to be able to do it at my leisure, while others are making their living by making pots. ( P.S. I did do my time in the education industry!) Now, that really baffles me! I am in awe of those who make their living this way and are able to keep up with the many requirements of this profession. Between acquiring the clay, tools and maintaining the area in which to work and fire the pieces, there's still the planning, designing, decorating, marketing, website, photography and many other aspects to consider.

Oh, and that brings to mind the many normal life duties we all have, like house-cleaning, cooking, laundry, and on and on. And did I mention pets? A stray mama cat showed up hungry at our door several weeks ago, and of course, I fed her. To thank me, she brought her 6 precious kittens to wean at our "cat restaurant" too.

With the second month of the New Year 2020 already here, I'm scrambling to get my new pieces off the drawing board and onto the wheel. My husband, and partner in this endeavor, is off and running with new pieces in his faux wood designs. Our Shop Update will come soon, and I'll announce the date in the coming weeks for that as well. Wishing you the happiest of New Years and hope your year is prosperous in every way!

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