Keeping Up

Have you ever found yourself trying to just keep up...

Keep up with housework,

Keep up with family time,

Keep up with yardwork,

Keep up with friendships,

Keep up with bookwork,

Keep up with business?

I could go on with a thousand other "keep up withs,"

but I think you get the idea.

Life can get so full of things with which to keep up,

that we lose track of what the original goal was.

Sometimes things go so well, that it's difficult to keep up

with what's necessary to keep the momentum going.

That's what has happened lately amid what has been an unusual

year, to say the least... trying to stay healthy, get orders out to

customers and still maintain a semi-normal life.

The brief shutdown of some suppliers resulted in our not

being able to make as many pieces as normal, thus we haven't had an

online sell. The Covid-19 virus has kept us confined to home and studio, however,

and given us time to rethink our next steps. We are looking for a productive season

in 2021 and hope to be able to announce our online sale in the coming weeks.

Wishing you good health and a happy "soon to be here" holiday season!!!

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